Leadership and Culture Development

THE CHALLENGE: An advertising agency was in need of assessing their culture. Under new and changing leadership, they were interested in creating a respectful and engaged workforce as transitions were underway.

THE SOLUTION: We interviewed key stakeholders in the organization, as well as provided an employee survey which set a baseline of what was working and where there were gaps. After analyzing the results, we provided this information to the company leaders, and then deployed it to the entire organization in small group discussions. In addition, we identified executive coaching opportunities, and provided communication training over the course of 18 months. Training at every level, from the junior team members to senior executives, set a consistent bar of expectations. In addition, we provided a companywide communication profile, the DiSC assessment, which helped improve communication across the organization, and with the agency’s diverse client base. Six months into the program, we facilitated an in-depth two-day vision and strategy meeting for leaders, to provide the consistency that was needed to help them develop business strategies and a vision.

THE RESULTS: The year of transition was challenging. The approach, which included a timeline and strategic plan, a listening approach, facilitation to help them articulate a direction and vision, communications training, and executive coaching helped the company go from an organization with insurmountable challenges to a profitable and sustainable one. The opportunities for employees to voice concerns early and often, and be part of building a better company culture was key. Their growth and success continues today.