Employee & Leadership Development

GrayWolf Consulting provides sound training and development strategies for leaders, managers, and employees creating greater organizational success. We approach each opportunity with a fresh perspective and, with your input, determine what practical and measurable strategies will be most effective, while customizing solutions to fit your needs.

Management & Leadership Programs

Leading today requires proficiency and a keen understanding of the lead manager’s role and responsibilities. Since leading is accomplished through a variety of approaches, GrayWolf Consulting works to understand the culture of each client organization and creates initiatives that will impact the workforce in a positive and productive way.

Examples of management and leadership programs include:

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Mobilizing People for Change
  • Performance Management for Superior Results
  • Motivating and Engaging Staff Through Teamwork Leadership
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading World Class Organizations
  • Powerful Presentation Effectiveness

Employee Training

Communication breakdown among co-workers is often cited as the greatest cause of dissatisfaction and poor morale. Communication effectiveness has never been so critical. GrayWolf Consulting assesses how to create a culture where communication is more transparent and differences are solved with more confidence.

Examples of staff programs include:

  • Professional Etiquette
  • Developing Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Conducting Great Meetings
  • Teamwork That Excels
  • Resolving Team Conflicts

Retreat/Off-Site Design Facilitation

Groups need to strategize swiftly and effectively in today’s fast paced environment. Racing against the competition, developing new products, and creating strategies for results all require teams to assess their goals and objectives, then execute them. GrayWolf Consulting works with teams to develop insight and enhance their abilities to detect what will be needed in the future and produce more successful results. Both one-day and multiple-day retreats are designed and facilitated. Teams leave with action plans and focus to achieve business goals.

“It was an amazing experience. I found our retreat to be both productive and enjoyable. Thank you for the preparation and your thoughtful guidance. I left with many things to think about, and a list of action items to implement. We are all optimistic that we can begin to act on these items and crate a successful future at the school”

– Education/School in NYC