Executive Coaching

Executive coaching does not replace effective performance management practices but does enhance it and can reduce the leadership learning curve in order to execute individual and corporate strategies more effectively. It is used to improve what needs correcting, to enhance what is being done well and/or to encourage new skills for a different role in the organization.

Many organizations provide executive coaches as a supportive platform for their leaders to excel and to guide leaders to the understanding of how to execute the company’s objectives. While we are focused on one-on-one coaching, we have also worked with leadership teams to develop peer coaching processes. Our extensive executive coaching engagements allow us to provide you a customized approach to meet the objectives for the manager or leader. Call us to discuss how we can make this process a straightforward and result-oriented process.

What Can an Executive Coach Do for You?

Five Steps for Greater Results

STEP ONE: HELP YOU CLARIFY WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. A coach is a partner. Coaches help you see what you are doing well, but believe in your abilities to map out where you want to go next. You and your coach will set goals early and look at them often to see if they should change or be clarified as you move forward. Having some ideas of your goals will help, but you and your coach can work together to create them.

STEP TWO: UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL. When we are producing, responding, and making things happen, we may miss what is blocking our full effectiveness. A coach can support your efforts but also ask the questions that can clear the clutter to help you meet your goals more efficiently.

STEP THREE: MAP OUT ACTION PLANS. The real work in coaching is done between the meetings. Work with your coach to create measurable steps. While it might be uncomfortable to try new and different ways in approaching your goals, this is where you will also grow. That is a good thing!

STEP FOUR: HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. One of the most powerful benefits when working with an Executive Coach is being held accountable. When we are being measured, we will think differently in trying to implement strategies. Be prepared to tackle the action steps with rigor and attention.

STEP FIVE: CELEBRATE SUCCESS. A coach will see your successes differently. What you might take for granted might be a huge accomplishment when seen from an outside set of eyes. The reality is that we are all trying to do better. A coach will help you see that you are on target–or that a step you have taken is getting you to where you want to be. With this regular reinforcement, goals are not only within reach, they are there for the taking.

“As my executive coach, your support, insight and guidance has made such a difference in my career success. Thank you!”

– Corporate VP, Finance